When You Need A Smile

For the times when you just need a smile, we share a variety of smile starters and we update them regularly. Feel free to email us ideas to use!

This is so sweet! (pun intended)
Found at http://bit.ly/2T8hFdd


Very wise advice! Found at http://bit.ly/2R6u3t6


Who can refute truth like this?
Found at: http://on.fb.me/1kv3mJk


Found at: http://on.fb.me/1ubEnx1



Sorry wives! Found at: http://on.fb.me/UceQW0


Found at Found at http://bit.ly/2Je0ajD


Best buddies
Found on Twitter, credit kelldog24


Dermatologist pleasing to protect from the sun.



Found at: http://bit.ly/2IuEnTb


A little Funeral Director humor.



Oh my, can we get an Amen?!




No. Words. Needed.
Found at  http://bit.ly/2b52LO7






 Found at pinterest.com/pin/240590805069361432/




 Chappo - caught red-pawed. So much for that Gerber daisy.
Then, he had the audacity to shake it in front of me!
It's a good thing Oreck called just after I found this.




Bunny buddies!
Found at http://bit.ly/1U8tBVe 




Hang on and keep smiling!
Found at  http://bit.ly/1RMaxah







Don't you love this family's sense of humor?
Found on Facebook, The Conversation Project. http://on.fb.me/1Sv7Lrn






Found at on.fb.me/1wBzo8x



This could be our Chappo!!
Found via pinterest on theawesomedaily.com



Isn't this just too cute??



 Found on Pinterest  pin/1970393559630937/




  A fun memory from last year at Showers Tree Farm. "Don't tell Allen about Mr. Elk."









Saw this and had to snag it from a friend's Facebook page! 




 This is EXACTLY the look!





Donning my "Fireman" gear at the 2014 Shippensburg Fair.





 You see the nicest folks at the fair! #‎Shippensburg‬'s finest, Jerry Cramer, lovin' on Dixie Parr and me. 


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